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Christ and the Churches: Part 4 (Revelation 3:7-13)

We are still listening to what the Holy Spirit has to say to the churches. This message from Christ certainly applies to the church today! Philadelphia, the Faithful Church (Rev. 3:7–13) As most people know, Philadelphia means “love of the … Continue reading

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The Advance of the Gospel: Part 1 (Philippians 1:12–26)

Paul wanted to go to Rome as a preacher, but instead he went as a prisoner! He could have written a long letter about that experience alone. Instead, he sums it all up as “the things which happened to me” … Continue reading

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Developing a Burden for Lost People (Luke 16:19-31)

What if you could spend 30 seconds in heaven and 30 seconds in hell? Which of the two do you think would give you a greater burden for lost people: the glory and majesty of heaven or seeing and hearing … Continue reading

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The Gospel, Missions, and Evangelism

This is the very first sermon I preached when I was pastor of First Baptist Church: Over the years, I have observed and been involved with many churches – some grew; most did not.  I noticed very few churches experienced growth.  Most … Continue reading

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Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Question for Pastor Joe: “As I debate Christian theology with my Muslim friends, the issue of the cross and the atonement always seems to be a sticking point.  From their perspective they ask, ‘Why can’t Allah just unilaterally forgive my … Continue reading

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